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About YoUFA

YoUFA represents the national network of young people who have taken part in UFA programmes and training, or any young people interested in what leadership can mean and do for them in their everyday lives. It was developed by young people for young people, enabling you to become decision makers, young leaders and to give you a voice in your community.

YoUFA is a chance for you to be part of a national organisation that unlocks young people’s potential to achieve great things through opportunities and various leadership roles.

The network offers, through this website and our Facebook page, updates of learning and leadership opportunities for you to get involved with. You can also receive support and encouragement for events or projects you may want to set up or be a part of, update us on how your learning and leading journey is progressing, or read and comment on our blog.

YoUFA Board

The YoUFA Board is a group of young people from all over the country who represent the YoUFA network. They are the decision makers for YoUFA and help to develop new opportunities, quality assure UFA programmes and bring to attention all of the fantastic youth involvement and leadership that happens both inside and outside UFA. Each member is passionate about giving young people a voice and helping young people to unlock their potential. They meet three times per year to discuss and decide on the development of the network, and also complete tasks and projects outside of these meetings.

About UFA

UFA is a national leadership and education charity founded in 1996 by Professor Tim Brighouse. It works with young people and the adults who support them, to transform educational experiences and allow young people to lead in their own learning. Much of this is done through schools but it is an offer open to any youth setting.

UFA believes in Youth Leadership. This isn’t necessarily about being in charge all the time, or becoming the next CEO of a high flying business, but about leading yourself effectively, having the skills and confidence to help and lead others, and stepping up to responsibility when it is called for. All UFA programmes work around helping young people to develop skills and characteristics such as resilience (how to bounce back when things don’t go as planned); self awareness (understanding how you think, feel and react and what might impact on this); and reflection (looking back in order to learn valuable lessons and inform future choices). They do this through interactive, fun and thought provoking programmes.

The link between UFA and YoUFA


YoUFA is the youth voice behind UFA. The YoUFA Board was set up in 2009 as a direct link between UFA and the young people it helps to develop and empower. The YoUFA network aims to be a place of support, encouragement, inspiration and signposting to additional opportunities for young people continuing on their leadership journey.