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UFA Programmes

            UFA run programmes for children and young people: to explore these on

the UFA website CLICK HERE.

If you think you and your peers would benefit from taking part in one of UFA’s programmes at your school, how can you raise this with your teachers? Here are some tips for preparing yourself, or GET IN TOUCH for support, advice or resources to help you with this.

• Research: evidence the need!

It’s brilliant that you are passionate about developing yourself and your skills and are interested in how a UFA programme can support and empower you. But have a think, and do some research into who else will benefit from taking part in a UFA programme. Ask your peers what they think. Are there key issues within school that need addressing? We make a big difference and support with school improvement plans – it might be worthwhile finding out more about what this means in your school from your teachers.

• Plan what you would like do, and how you will use it

UFA deliver programmes around several themes: Lead Learners gives you the skills to set up and run clubs or activities for other young people. Peer Tutors gives you the confidence and expertise to help other young people with their learning. Young Researchers and Evaluators shows you how to lead a project to evaluate an aspect of your school and create recommendations of how it could be improved. Super Leader Days are a good introduction to Leadership and what it means for you – helping you understand leading yourself, taking responsibility and making decisions, and Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow is a course designed to develop your leadership skills ready for taking on the world, in school and beyond.

So if one of our programmes could assist you in completing a project for school, or allow you to make a difference to others – show the school that you have found a good way to achieve this with UFA.

• Map how you envisage it helping you and other members of your school

UFA programmes aren’t JUST fun and interactive. They also help develop the skills, attitudes, characteristics and beliefs necessary for leading your own learning, leading yourself and leading others. So if you think it will help with your studies or raising achievement in the school, talk to your teachers about why and how. If improving confidence is a key issue for you and your peers, then show that you have thought about how our programmes can contribute towards this. If you are thinking about improving your employability skills, can you show your teachers why Leadership Skills with UFA are key?

• When could it happen?

Most UFA programmes run over 2 days. Think about timetabled events and key points in the school calendar, and suggest that UFA run the training at a different, more convenient time for you and your teachers.

• Schedule a meeting with senior management to present and discuss

 Once you have researched, planned, mapped out and thought about your timetable, then you have a proposal! This is a well thought out, reasoned approach that you can take to your Head Teacher or Head of Year for them to consider. So book in some time to chat, or ask to send them your proposal in writing or by email, and ask them to get in touch with UFA for more information or to look at options.

• Listen to their feedback and take their decision on board

You’ve done a good job in thinking through your reasons for suggesting that the school run a UFA programme – this may well mean that your proposal is accepted, but there may be other reasons why your school decides not to. It is important for you to take on any feed back in a constructive way and listen to what your teachers have to say. After all: that’s how you improve and adapt!